Missiles of Pakistan

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Pakistan’s missile arsenal forms an important part of its defense strategy for offsetting the significant conventional military advantages of its main rival, India. Pakistan’s arsenal consists primarily of mobile short- and medium-range ballistic missiles, but it is also making strides in its cruise missile capability. Pakistan’s combined strategic forces allows it to target almost any point in India, and its leadership is now developing more advanced technologies such as multiple independent reentry vehicles (MIRV) to complicate India’s emerging missile defense efforts. Pakistan has received significant technical assistance from China on its nuclear and missile programs, and evidence also strongly indicates close cooperation with both North Korea and Iran on the development and proliferation of these systems.


Missile Name Class Range Status
Ababeel MRBM 2,200 km In development
Abdali (Hatf 2) SRBM 180 - 200 km Operational
Babur (Hatf 7) Cruise Missile 350 - 700 km Operational
Exocet ASCM 40 - 180 km Operational
Hatf 5 "Ghauri" MRBM 1,250 - 1,500 km Operational
Ghaznavi (Hatf 3) SRBM 290 km Operational
Hatf 1 SRBM 70 - 100 km Operational
Nasr (Hatf 9) SRBM 70 km In service
Ra’ad (Hatf 8) Cruise Missile 350 km In development
Shaheen 1 (Hatf 4) SRBM 750 - 900 km Operational
Shaheen 2 (Hatf 6) MRBM 1,500 - 2,000 km Operational
Shaheen 3 MRBM 2,750 km In development
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