The Missile Threat website brings together authoritative and up-to-date open source information and analysis about ballistic and cruise missiles around the globe and the systems designed to defend against them. Missile Threat is a product of the Missile Defense Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), which looks at a wide range of policy, program, and strategic issues related to missile defense. Technological and geopolitical factors have driven increased global supply and demand for high-velocity, unmanned, missile-based weapons and their corresponding counters. Besides more recognized cruise and ballistic missile threats, global missile proliferation now consists of a spectrum including precision-guided rockets, anti-ship missiles, air defenses, hypersonic delivery systems, and counterspace weapons.

Within CSIS’ International Security Program and directed by Senior Fellow Thomas Karako, the project’s research considers the most pressing problems of the day, such as homeland missile defense, integrated air and missile defenses for U.S. forces and allies abroad, offensive strike capabilities, and investments in high technology to defeat missile threats through new and innovative means. The project also hosts a variety of events to shape the debate about policy, budgets, legislation, and both current and future programs.

Established in Washington, D.C. nearly 60 years ago, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is a bipartisan, nonprofit policy research organization dedicated to advancing practical ideas that address the world’s greatest challenges. To learn more about CSIS, visit www.CSIS.org

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Missile Defense Team

Non-resident Affiliate Scholars:

George C. Marshall Missile Defense Project Advisory Board

The George C. Marshall Missile Defense Project looks at a wide range of policy, program, and strategic issues related to missile defense and missile proliferation. The project’s Advisory Board is composed of former government officers and military officials, as well as scholars and business leaders with a serious attention to these issues. The Board periodically meets in Washington D.C. to provide updates on the effort and discuss the direction of the project.

Ambassador J.D. Crouch

Rear Admiral (ret.) Tom Druggan

Ambassador Eric Edelman

Lieutenant General (ret.) Richard Formica

Mr. Brian Green

Mr. Kenneth Harmon

Mr. Todd Harrison

Dr. Peter Hays

Dr. Seth G. Jones (Chair)

Ambassador Robert Joseph

Lieutenant General (ret.) Daniel Karbler

Mr. Tom Laliberty

Rear Admiral (ret.) Archer Macy

Brigadier General (ret.) Keith McNamara

Dr. Michael O’Hanlon

Dr. Keith Payne

Dr. Jana Robinson

Ms. Paige Rumberg

Dr. Kiron Skinner

Mr. Norm Tew

Brigadier General (ret.) Kenneth Todorov

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