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FY 2022 Missile Defense and Defeat Budget Tracker

The Senate Appropriations Committee released its Defense Appropriations bill on October 18, the final congressional defense committee to release its FY 2022 spending recommendations. The House and Senate must now produce a conference version of both the National Defense Authorization Act and an Appropriations bill to complete the FY 2022 budget cycle. * Passed $1...

Iranian Missile Launches: 1988-Present

Despite Iran’s apparent compliance with the nuclear deal concluded in 2015, its missile programs remain a serious concern. Since 2006, the United Nations has repeatedly sanctioned Iran’s ballistic missile programs, and in 2010 the Security Council called for a complete halt to Iran’s testing of WMD-capable missiles. The pace of Iran’s missile testing has nevertheless...

The Russia – NATO A2AD Environment

Among the concerns of the NATO alliance in the post-Crimea era is the increase in Russia’s anti-access area denial (A2AD) capabilities. A2AD forces are classified as those that contribute to denying an adversary’s forces access to a particular region or otherwise hinder freedom of maneuver. A2AD forces typically include air defenses, counter-maritime forces, and theater...

Interactive: The Missile War in Yemen

These interactive features show the relative intensity of missile and missile defense-related activity across the Arabian Gulf which has occurring as part of the ongoing Yemen conflict. Beginning in June 2015, the bulk of missile incidents have occurred along Yemen-Saudi border around the cities of Najran, Jizan and Abha, but Houthi acquisition of longer-range missiles have permitted attacks as far as Riyadh.