Hatf 2 “Abdali”

The Hatf 2 “Abdali” is a short-range, road-mobile, solid propellant missile that entered service in 2005.1

Hatf 2 “Abdali” at a Glance

Originated from: Pakistan
Possessed by: Pakistan
Class: Short-Range Ballistic Missile (SRBM)
Basing: Road-mobile
Length: 6.5 m
Diameter: 0.56 m
Launch weight: 1,750 kg
Payload: Single warhead, 250-450 kg
Warhead: HE, submunitions, conventional
Propulsion: Single-stage solid propellant
Range: 180-200 km
Status: Operational
In service: 2005


Hatf 2 is equipped with an inertial guidance system and has a CEP of 150 m. It is estimated to carry a variable payload between 250 and 450 kg that affects its range, which falls between 180 and 200 km, and can probably carry a single high explosive or submunition warhead. It is believed to have a launch weight of 1,750 kg. It uses a single-stage solid propellant engine and has a length of 6.5 m and a width of 0.56 m.2

The Hatf 2 provides Pakistan with a longer range option for use against military targets. Its relatively small warhead limits its ability to cause mass destruction, but it could be used to target critical infrastructure such as power plants or other industrial facilities. Its accuracy is also sufficient for use against large military targets such as bases or airfields. An upgraded guidance system would significantly increase the accuracy to the point where it might be of use against specific military units and not just a small area. As displayed in military parades, it is carried on a road mobile Transporter-Erector-Launcher (TEL) vehicle.3 The use of solid propellant and the TEL vehicle make the missile easy to store, transport and fire.

The Hatf 2 was originally designed as the two-stage version of the Hatf 1, and was essentially a solid propellant stage attached to the bottom of a Hatf 1. However, those plans were discarded, and a new single-stage standalone design was created in 1997.

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