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Project Atom 2023

On September 29, 2023, the Project on Nuclear Issues published a report, Project Atom 2023: A Competitive Strategies Approach for U.S. Nuclear Posture through 2035. MDP Director Tom Karako and Rob Soofer contributed to one of the chapters, entitled, "Project Atom: Defining U.S. Nuclear Strategy, 2030-2050."

The 2022 Missile Defense Review: Still Seeking Alignment

The Biden administration released its unclassified Missile Defense Review today, as part of the National Defense Strategy. As policy guidance to an increasingly broad enterprise, the 2022 MDR represents an opportunity to achieve greater alignment between U.S. air and missile defense efforts and strategic competition with China and Russia.

FY 2023 Missile Defense and Defeat Budget Tracker

President’s Budget Request In April, the Biden administration released its Fiscal Year 2023 defense budget request. The administration’s second budget requests $24.7 billion for a category it calls “missile defeat and defense,” an increase from the $21.9 billion enacted in 2022. This grouping of programs includes traditional missile defense programs funded in the Missile Defense...

FY 2022 Missile Defense and Defeat Budget Tracker

President Biden signed an omnibus spending bill to fund the government for the rest of FY 2022 on March 15, 2022, which included funding for the Department of Defense. The omnibus bill concludes the FY 2022 budget cycle as the Administration turns to submitting its FY 2023 request. * Passed $1 billion supplemental appropriation as...

China’s Hypersonic Future

Chinese investment in hypersonic weapons highlights the need to reconceptualize the United States’ approach to air and missile defense. This means investing in space-based sensors and the various ways we can disrupt Chinese attack plans, both offensively and defensively.

Missile Defense Is Compatible With Arms Control

What will it take for Russia and the United States to make progress on arms control? In announcing the Biden administration’s intent to extend the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) for another five years, Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin offered a hint. He noted that the next negotiation must include all of Russian and American nuclear...