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FY 2022 Missile Defense and Defeat Budget Tracker

The Senate Appropriations Committee released its Defense Appropriations bill on October 18, the final congressional defense committee to release its FY 2022 spending recommendations. The House and Senate must now produce a conference version of both the National Defense Authorization Act and an Appropriations bill to complete the FY 2022 budget cycle. * Passed $1...

Missile Defense Is Compatible With Arms Control

What will it take for Russia and the United States to make progress on arms control? In announcing the Biden administration’s intent to extend the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) for another five years, Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin offered a hint. He noted that the next negotiation must include all of Russian and American nuclear...

Adapting to the Hypersonic Era

Just as the world mitigated the most destabilizing aspects of systems like the strategic bomber and the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the United States can blunt some of the risks posed by aerial hypersonic weapons.

Uncomfortable Lessons: Reassessing Iran’s Missile Attack

Nearly one month has passed since Iran attacked U.S. troops in Iraq with a barrage of ballistic missiles. As considerably more information has now come to light, a reassessment seems in order. Initially characterized as a symbolic act to be shrugged off, newer information shows the attacks were of greater consequence. The available evidence, for...