While Iran has not yet tested or deployed a missile capable of striking the United States, it continues to hone longer-range missile technologies under the auspices of its space-launch program. In addition to increasing the quantity of its missile arsenal, Iran is investing in qualitative improvements to its missiles’ accuracy and lethality. Iran has also become a center for missile proliferation, supplying proxies such as Hezbollah and Syria’s al-Assad regime with a steady supply of missiles and rockets, as well as local production capability. Furthermore, Iran is likely supplying Houthi rebel groups with short-range missiles in the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

iran missiles

Missile Types

Missile Menu Order
Zolfaghar 36
Fateh-110 37
Fateh-313 38
Ra'ad 39
Sejjil 40
Shahab 2 (Scud C-Variant) 41
Shahab-3 42
Ghadr 1 (Shahab-3 Variant) 43
Soumar 45
Tondar 69 46
Koksan M1978 71
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