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North Korea Displays New Missiles in Nighttime Parade

On January 14, North Korea held a military parade to commemorate its eighth Workers’ Party Congress, displaying a variety of theater and submarine-launched ballistic missiles. In addition to showcasing KN-23, -24, and -25 ballistic missile launchers, North Korea revealed an unnamed tactical missile and a new submarine-launched ballistic missile labeled “Pukguksong-5ㅅ”. According to South Korean...

North Korea Launches Ballistic Missiles

On March 21, North Korea test fired two KN-24 short-range ballistic missiles from Sonchon in the country’s western region. In a subsequent statement, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed the North had fired two projectiles into the East Sea, which flew 410 km and reached an apogee of 50 km. Imagery released by North...