Yemen Update: December 3-April 5

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Between December 3-April 5, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) reported eight Houthi missile attacks. Below is a summary of these and related events.

April 5

Houthi forces launched a ballistic missile targeting the Safer Oil Pipeline pumping station in Sirwah, located in Yemen’s Ma’rib governorate. The missile flew 200 km before failing and falling in Saadah governorate.

Maliki: Houthi-launched missile fell in Saadah, Saudi Gazette
Houthi-fired ballistic missile fell in Yemeni territory, Emirates News Agency

March 28

KSA air defenses intercepted two Houthi-launched ballistic missiles and armed UAVs targeting Riyadh and Jizan. The Houthis say the attack was successful. The Houthis claimed its attack on Riyadh consisted of Zulfiqar missiles and Samad 3 drones. They furthermore claimed they employed Badr missiles and Qasef-2K drones against Jizan, Najran, and Asir. Saudi authorities did not mention any strike against Najran and Asir. According to a KSA spokesperson, two civilians were injured by resulting missile debris. KSA retaliated on March 30 with airstrikes on Sana’a. 

Saudi Arabia intercepts two missiles fired by Yemen’s Houthis, Reuters
Pro-Houthi forces claim ‘largest operation’ against Saudi Arabia, Middle East Monitor
Saudi Coalition Launches Air Strike on Yemen Capital, Voice of America

February 23

KSA launched an operation to destroy Houthi ballistic missile and drone production facilities in Faj Attan, al-Amad, and Jabal al-Nahdein in Sana’a. The operation came soon after a Houthi-launched missile targeted the Saudi city of Yanbu. 

The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen: Targeting and Destruction of Ballistic Missile Assembly, Storage and Launch Sites, and UAV Logistic Storage Facilities of the Terrorist Iran-backed Houthi Militia in Sanaa, Saudi Press Agency
Yemen: Saudi coalition forces destroy Iran-made ballistic missile in Sanaa, The National

February 21

KSA air defenses intercepted a Houthi-launched ballistic missile likely targeting Yanbu along Saudi Arabia’s western coast. 

Saudi air defences shoot down ballistic missiles fired from Yemen, The National
Saudi air defense forces intercept Houthi ballistic missiles, Arab News

February 15

A Houthi-launched surface-to-air missile (SAM) struck a Saudi Tornado fighter aircraft. According to an SPA statement, the two pilots ejected before their plane crashed in al-Jawf province, Yemen, and were fired upon by Houthi fighters. It is unclear if they survived. 

Joint Forces Command of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen: A Coalition Fighter Jet Crashes in the Area of Operations in Al Jawf Governorate, Yemen, Saudi Press Agency
The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen: We Hold the Terrorist Iran-backed Houthi Militia Responsible for the Lives and Wellbeing of the (Tornado) Air Crew under The International Humanitarian Law and the Third Geneva Convention, Saudi Press Agency

January 22

A ballistic missile struck the house of Yemeni lawmaker Mossad Hussein al-Sawadi in the al-Rawdhah neighborhood of Marib city. The attack killed two and injured six others. The Arab Coalition and Yemen government say Houthi fighters launched the missile; however, the Houthis have not claimed responsibility for the attack. 

UN Yemen envoy condemns missile attack on MP’s home, The National
2 killed in Houthi missile attack on Yemen, The Statesman
15 killed as fighting intensifies near Yemen’s Sanaa, The New Arab

January 18 

Houthi militants in Yemen fired a ballistic missile targeting a military camp in Marib, killing at least 116 Yemeni soldiers and injuring around 100 others. The rocket hit al-Estiqbal camp as pro-Coalition forces gathered for evening prayers. The strike marks one of the highest casualty rocket attacks to date. 

Houthi Missile Attack Kills Over 100 Yemeni Troops, Missile Threat

December 29

A ballistic missile struck a Security Belt Forces military parade in al-Dhalea in southern Yemen, killing 10 and injuring at least 21 people. Security Belt Forces officials blame Houthi rebels for the attack.

Ballistic Missile Hits Military Parade in Southern Yemen, Missile Threat