Yemen Missile War Update: Aug. 30-Sept. 5

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Between August 30 and September 5, at least 6 Houthi-launched missiles targeting Jizan and Najran were intercepted by Saudi air defense forces. Pro-Houthi media reported another eight missile launches targeting Jizan, Najran, and Yemen’s west coast, but these could not be corroborated by Coalition or independent reports. There were no confirmed reports of Houthi-launched missiles striking their intended targets.

On September 5, Spain announced it would not fulfill a 2015 arms sale agreement to sell laser-guided bombs to Saudi Arabia, citing concerns that  the weapons may be used against civilians in Yemen.

Below is a summary of each confirmed missile event during the August 30-September 5 period:

Note: The Saudi Press Agency has significantly reduced its written reporting on Yemeni missile events, though public statements by the spokesman for the Arab coalition, Col. Turki al Malki, are reported by other media outlets.

Below is a summary of all Yemen missile events not corroborated or confirmed by Coalition or independent reports for the period of August 29-September 5. Pro-Houthi sources reported eight unconfirmed missile launches, including two successful strikes, during the last week. Though the number of missile launches reported by Houthi sources often exceeds those confirmed by coalition sources, it is unusual for the disparity to be so stark.

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