US, UK, France Launch Joint Missile Strike on Syria

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On April 13, the United States, United Kingdom, and France launched a joint strike of 105 missiles on Syrian chemical weapons storage and research facilities. The operation came in response to an alleged poison gas attack by the Syrian government on the rebel-held area of Douma. The joint strike, which lasted two minutes, took nearly a week to plan and significant cooperation of regional partners. The Syrian government fired several dozen air defense missiles in response, but failed to achieve a successful intercept.

The three targets were located near Damascus and Homs:

  • Barzah Research and Development Center – hit with 57 Tomahawk, 19 JASSM
  • Him Shinshar chemical weapons facility – hit with 9 Tomahawk, 8 air-launched Storm Shadow, 2 air-launched SCALP, and a number of naval cruise missiles
  • Him Shinshar chemical weapons bunker – hit with 7 air-launched SCALP
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