Missiles of the United States

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The United States is the world’s dominant military power. But while its arsenal of conventional strike assets contains some of the most sophisticated weapons in the world, much of its strategic nuclear triad forces are aging quickly. Modernization programs are underway, including a replacement for the Ohio-class submarine, next generation land-based ICBMs, a new long-range nuclear capable bomber, and a modernized air-launched cruise missile.


Missile Name Class Range Status
ALCM ALCM 950 - 2,500 km Operational
FGM-148 Javelin ATGM 2.5-4.5 km Operational
Harpoon ASCM 90 - 240 km Operational
Hellfire ASM 7 - 11 km Operational
JASSM / JASSM ER ALCM 370 - 1,000 km Operational
Lance SRBM 130 km Obsolete
Peacekeeper ICBM 9,600 km Obsolete
ATACMS SRBM 165 - 300 km Operational
Minuteman I ICBM 10,000 Obsolete
Minuteman II ICBM 12,500 km Obsolete
Minuteman III ICBM 13,000 km Operational
Pershing 1 SRBM 740 Obsolete
Pershing 2 MRBM 1,700 Obsolete
SM-62 Snark ICCM 10,186 km Obsolete
SM-65 Atlas ICBM 14,000 Obsolete
SM-78 Jupiter MRBM 2,400 km Obsolete
Titan I ICBM 10,000 km Obsolete
Titan II ICBM 15,000 km Obsolete
Tomahawk Cruise Missile 1,250-2,500 km Operational
Trident D5 SLBM 12,000 km Operational