US Official Identifies Missile Believed to Violate INF Treaty

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National Security Council official Christopher Ford revealed in a speech at the Wilson Center on November 29 that the Russian missile violating the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty is the land-based cruise missile Novator 9M729 (NATO designation: SSC-8). The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement saying  that Russia is not violating the treaty, and it will continue to fulfill its obligations. In the ministry’s press release, Russia voiced a willingness to enter a dialogue with the United States on the issues surrounding the treaty, however it condemns the ultimatums and the military and political pressure being placed on it by the United States.

In a press release commemorating the 30th anniversary of the signing of the treaty, the Trump Administration outlined its INF strategy to bring Russia back into compliance, accusing Russian officials of refusing “to discuss the violation in any meaningful way or refute the information provided by the United States.” The State Department also issued a press release to address Russian accusations of U.S. noncompliance with the treaty.

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