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Russian Warship Fires Sizzler, Oniks Missiles in Sea Trials

In a December 9 statement, Russia’s Northern Fleet reported the completion of missile launch trials for the Project 20385 Gremyashchiy, a corvette first laid down in February 2012. During the test, the warship fired SS-N-27 Sizzler and P-800 Oniks antiship missiles against simulated enemy ships. The SS-N-27 is a subsonic missile with a range of...

Russia Fires Cruise Missiles into Syria from Air and Sea [Video]

On September 22, the Russian submarine Veliky Novgorod (B-268) fired an unknown number of Kalibr cruise missiles (SS-N-27/30A) from a submerged position at targets in Syria’s Idlib province. The missiles traveled 300 km before striking command centers, armored vehicles, and training facilities. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the missile launch was a counter-offensive...