Russia Test Fires Ballistic, Hypersonic Missiles

On December 11-12, Russia test fired a Tsirkon hypersonic missile and four Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM) in a series of naval launches. On December 11, Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov (417) fired a Tsirkon hypersonic missile from the White Sea, striking a coastal target over 350 km away in Northern Russia’s Arkhangelsk region. On December 12, Russian submarine Vladimir Monomakh (K-551) successfully fired four Bulava missiles from the Sea of Okhotsk at targets over 5,500 km away in Arkhangelsk. Russia last launched a four-missile salvo in 2018 following over a decade of mixed test outcomes; the Bulava SLBM entered development in 1998 and underwent its first submerged flight test in 2005.