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The LORA (Long Range Artillery) is a short-range, road-mobile, ground and sea-launched solid fueled ballistic missile developed and operated by Israel. It has a range of 280 km.

LORA at a Glance

Originated from
Possessed by
Israel, Azerbaijan
Short-range Ballistic Missile (SRBM)
Road-mobile and ship-launched
5.2 m
0.624 m
Launch weight
1,600 kg
Single 600 kg warhead
High explosive, submunitions
Solid propellant
280 km
In service
2007 (unconfirmed)

LORA Development

According to reports in 2005, the LORA was the result of a collaboration between Israel Aerospace Industries, MLM Division, and IMI.1 The missile was first publicly shown in 2006 at the Eurosatory exposition and then officially displayed in 2007 and 2011 at the Paris Air Show.2


According to Israel Aerospace Industries, the missile’s manufacturer, the LORA has a diameter of 0.624 m and a length of 5.2 m, with a launch weight of approximately 1,600 kg.3 It can carry a payload of up to 600 kg, and can deploy a single high explosive (HE) warhead or submunitions.4 It uses Inertial Navigation System/Global Positioning System and TV for terminal guidance, with possible in-flight maneuvering capability. The missile has a maximum range of 280 km and a likely accuracy of around 10 m CEP.5

The missiles are carried in quadruple packs by ships, or by 6 x 6 vehicles. When kept inside hermetically sealed containers, the missiles can have a shelf life of 7 years.6

Service History

The missile was reportedly test fired in November 2003, March 2004, and in 2006. It is believed to have entered service in Israel in 2007.7 In June 2017, Israel test-fired a LORA again from the deck of a container ship.

The LORA missile is known to be deployed in Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic as of May 2018.8 The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced on June 11, 2018, the creation of a new Missile Troops unit to operate the LORA and other missiles deployed at a newly built facility.9 Azerbaijan acquired the LORA missile system in a recent military build up as a part of its ongoing conflict with Armenia over the Nagorno-Karbakh or Artsakh territory.10 The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Artsakh reportedly identified Azerbaijani troops moving LORA missile systems along the contact line in a video recorded on June 12, 2018.11

In October 2020, Azerbaijan used the LORA during its conflict with Armenia over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. According to reports, Baku attempted to use the LORA to target a bridge that connects Armenia to the disputed region, effectively limiting its ability to reinforce its positions.12 Imagery of the bridge after the attack suggested the attack resulted in limited damage.


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