KSA Intercepts Houthi Missiles Targeting Riyadh, Jizan, Najran

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On April 11, Saudi Air Defense Forces reportedly intercepted three ballistic missiles targeting the capital city of Riyadh, and southern cities of Jizan and Najran. In their attack on Riyadh, Houthi militants fired a Burkan-2H missile. The strike purportedly aimed at the Defense Ministry. The Burkan-2H was successfully intercepted by a Saudi PAC-2 system. Footage reportedly shows the projectile falling straight down after interception. Another social media post appears to show missile debris in the city, but a picture of the missile body shows the airframe landed in a desert area.

Houthi militants also targeted Saudi Aramco facilities in Jizan and Najran. Both missiles were reportedly intercepted. Video shows the Jizan missile interception occurring near the University of Jizan.

In addition to the missile attacks, Houthi militants flew two Qasef-1 drones into the southern areas of Abha and Jizan. The drone targeting Abha was eventually shot down, but successfully disrupted air traffic at Abha International Airport. According to one Saudi media report, two airport staff were injured as a result of the drone’s crash. The drone targeting Jizan aimed at Saudi Aramco facilities in the area. The Qasif-1 is a derivative of Iran’s Ababil-2 drone, and can carry up to a 30 kg warhead.

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