Houthi Missiles Target Jizan, Najran, Riyadh

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On May 9, Houthi militants in Yemen fired two Badr-1 ballistic missiles targeting the southern Saudi cities of Jizan and Najran. KSA air defenses reportedly intercepted the missile targeting Jizan, while the missile targeting Najran failed and fell in an unpopulated desert area.

After the Jizan strike and before the failed Najran attack, Houthis fired two Burkan-2H missiles at Riyadh. Saudi officials say one missile was intercepted, while the other fell 100 km south of the city in an unpopulated desert area. Both were reportedly launched from Saada province. Witnesses say they heard four consecutive booms in the city center, likely indicating four Patriot interceptor launches. This was followed by two explosions, potentially the sound of the interceptors targeting the more accurate Houthi missile.

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