China Test Fires HD-1 Supersonic Cruise Missile

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On October 15, China’s Guangdong Hongda Mining Company test fired its new HD-1 supersonic cruise missile nicknamed “aircraft carrier killer” in a discreet location in Northern China. According to a statement released by the company, the test verified the missile’s launch, power, and flight control systems, achieving the estimated values for its supersonic cruising flight parameters. The HD-1 is predicted to compete on the international defense market with the Indo-Russian joint venture BrahMos cruise missile. Beijing-based military analyst Wei Dongxu told local media that the HD-1’s solid fuel ramjet requires less fuel than other supersonic cruise missiles on the market, which could make it lighter, faster, and less expensive than the BrahMos. In a separate statement, Hongda claimed the HD-1 can be adapted to aircraft, ships, and ground-based vehicles. Detailed at Airshow China 2018, the HD-1 has a range of up to 290 km, a speed of 0.75-1.2 km/s, and a sea-skimming altitude range of 4.8-9.7 m.