Yemen Update: August 26-October 15

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Between August 26-October 15, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) reported 11 Houthi missile attacks and one cruise missile attack. Below is a summary of these reported events.

October 4

Houthi militants unsuccessfully fired two ballistic missiles from Sana’a province, which both fell in Sa’ada province.

Command of Joint Forces of Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen: Iranian-Backed Houthi Terrorist Militia Fires Two Ballistic Missiles Today’s Morning From Sana’a Using Civilian Objects to Launch and Fall Inside Sa’ada, Saudi Press Agency
Arab Coalition says two Houthi ballistic missiles fell in Yemen’s Saada, Al Arabiya

September 29

Houthi rebels unsuccessfully launched a ballistic missile from Sana’a province, which fell in Sa’ada province.

Arab Coalition: Houthi militia launched ballistic missile that fell in Saada, Al Arabiya

September 24

KSA air defenses intercepted two ballistic missiles launched from Sana’a province. The missiles were reported downed in Amran and Sa’ada provinces.

Coalition intercepts, downs two Houthi missiles launched from Yemen’s Sanaa, Al Arabiya

September 6

Houthi militants unsuccessfully fired a ballistic missile targeting Najran. The missile was launched from Half Sufyan district in Amran province and fell in Sa’ada province.

Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen: Houthi Terrorist Militia Fires A Ballistic Missile from Amran Governorate, Saudi Press Agency
Saudi air defenses destroy ballistic missile fired fom Yemen: Arab Coalition, Al Arabiya
Houthis launch missile from Yemen’s Amran: Arab coalition, Arab News

September 5

Houthi rebels fired “a barrage of Badr-1 ballistic missiles on Quat Al-Wajib military airport and camp in Najran,” according to Houthi media. KSA air defenses reportedly intercepted one missile, but Coalition reports did not mention any others.

Yemeni Air Force Conducts Fresh Attack on King Khalid Air Base in Asir, Al Masirah
Royal Saudi Air Defense intercepts, destroys Houthi ballistic missile, Al Arabiya

September 4

Houthi fighters fired a ballistic missile from Sa’ada province that failed and fell in the same province. Houthi media also claimed the rebel group launched drone attacks targeting King Khalid Airbase in Khamis Mushait.

Arab Coalition: Houthis launch missile from Yemen’s Saada, Al Arabiya
Arab Coalition: Houthi Ballistic Missile Crashes in Yemen, Asharq Al-Awsat
As Daily Mission, Again, Air Forces Targets King Khalid Air Base, Aseer, Al Masirah

September 3

KSA air defenses intercepted three Houthi-launched missiles targeting Najran. The Coalition also claimed to have downed a UAV launched from Yemen’s Amran province earlier that day.

Royal Saudi Air Defense intercepts three ballistic missiles over Najran, Al Arabiya
Barrage of Badr-1 Ballistic Missiles Hit Military Targets in Najran Airport, Al Masirah

August 28

Houthi rebels struck Abha airport in southern Saudi Arabia with a cruise missile. The Arab Coalition confirmed a projectile targeted the airport, but said it did not cause casualties. 

Yemen’s Houthis attack Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport: spokesman, Reuters
Arab Coalition: Houthi cruise missile hits Abha airport, no injuries reported, Al Arabiya