Yemen Missile War Update: September 13-26

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Between September 13-26, at least six Houthi-launched missiles targeting Jizan and Najran were intercepted by Saudi air defense forces. Pro-Houthi media reported another five missile attacks targeting Asir, Najran, and Zahran, but these could not be corroborated by Coalition or independent reports. There were no confirmed reports of Houthi-launched missiles striking their intended targets during this period.

Below is a summary of each confirmed Houthi-launched missile event during the September 13-26 period:

Thursday, September 13

Friday, September 14

Saturday, September 15

Sunday, September 16

Wednesday, September 19

Saturday, September 22


Below is a summary of all Yemen missile events not corroborated or confirmed by Coalition or independent reports for the period of September 13-26. Pro-Houthi sources reported 5 unconfirmed missile events during the past two weeks.

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