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More Than Missiles: China Previews its New Way of War

On October 1, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) celebrated the 70th anniversary of its founding. Among the pageantry was a military parade in which the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) performed a highly orchestrated show of strength, exhibiting many of its strategic weapon systems. While China has regularly held such displays in the past, this...

China Launches New Guided Missile Destroyers

On July 4, China’s Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company (DSIC) launched two Type-055 guided missile destroyers, joining the two Type-055s launched earlier this year. The Type-055 guided missile destroyers are the largest such ships belonging to an Asian country and may have a final displacement greater than the U.S. Ticonderoga-class destroyer. China’s Type-055 is armed with...