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Russian MoD Confirms Use of Iskander-M SRBM in Syria

On December 17, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov confirmed to local media that Russia’s 9K720 Iskander-M SRBM “has proved to be effective” in the Syrian war. He also confirmed the use of the Tornado-G and Smerch multiple launch rocket systems, the Pantsir-S missile, and other anti-aircraft missile systems. Borisov’s statements affirm multiple unconfirmed reports...

Iskander-M Missile Tested in Russian Exercise

On September 18, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the successful test of the Iskander-M missile as part of the ongoing Zapad 2017 military exercises. The short-range ballistic missile was launched from the Kapustin Yar test range in Russia’s southern Astrakhan region, and travelled close to its maximum 500 km range before hitting a target...