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India Tests New High-Altitude Interceptor Missile

On February 11, India conducted a test of its two-tier ballistic missile defense system. Reports indicate that an exo-atmospheric interceptor, also called the “Prithvi Defense Vehicle” (PDV), successfully launched from India’s Wheeler Island test range, approximately 200 km away from the ship-launched target missile. Accroding to DRDO, the PDV intercepted the target at an altitude of...

India Tests Prithvi-II Missiles in Salvo Launch

India test fired two of their nuclear-capable Prithvi-II short-range ballistic missiles on Monday (November 21, 2016). The missiles were launched from road-mobile transporter-erector launchers in rapid succession as a salvo test. This salvo test is the second India has conducted, the first taking place in 2009. Prithvi-II’s are regularly used to test Indian air defense...