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Pakistan Conducts Test Launch of Hatf 9 “Nasr”

On January 24, Pakistan test launched its Hatf 9 “Nasr” SRBM in a training exercise to “enhance the operational efficiency of the Army Strategic Forces Command,” according to a Pakistani Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) press release. During the exercise, a salvo of four missiles was launched at ground targets. The Hatf 9 is reportedly...

Pakistan Test Fires Nasr Missile

On July 5, Pakistan test fired its short-range Nasr missile (HATF-9). Based on these tests, Pakistan’s military claims to have enhanced the rocket’s flight maneuverability and extended its range from 60 to 70 km. Pakistani officials emphasized the missile’s deterrent effect, saying “This weapon system will augment credible deterrence against prevailing threat spectrum more effectively, including anti-missile...