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Report: Libya Airport Struck by Missiles

On July 7, Libya’s Mitiga Airport resumed service after an unspecified missile attack. The strike injured three airport employees and damaged one aircraft. Mitiga Airport is the only operational airport in Tripoli, the nation’s capital. Related Links: Libya’s Mitiga airport resumes air traffic following a missile strike, Reuters

Javelin Antitank Missiles Found in Libya

On June 27, armed forces under the UN-backed Libyan National Army discovered four American-made Javelin antitank missiles at a rebel weapons cache near Tripoli. According to markings on the weapons, the United States originally supplied the missiles to the United Arab Emirates in a 2008 arms sale. The missiles were later found to be of...

UN Panel Finds Chinese Missiles, UAVs in Libya

UN experts are currently investigating the use of Chinese-made missiles and drones after they identified a Chinese-made Blue Arrow air-to-surface missile and the probable use of a Wing Loong unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the April 19-20 missile strikes near Tripoli, Libya. The panel of experts are also investigating the possible role of the UAE...