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Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS)

The Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) is a joint missile defense project of the United States, Germany, and Italy originally designed to replace the Patriot system. The program was tasked to bridge the gap between smaller surface-to-air systems like the Stinger missile, and higher levels of the missile defense, such as the Terminal High...

Multinational Air and Missile Defense

International missile defense cooperation has led some countries to jointly produce missile defenses. These projects require close partnerships and mission alignment, but when successful, can produce defenses designed to satisfy multinational security concerns.

Sol-Air Moyenne Portée/Terrestre (SAMP/T)

The Sol-Air Moyenne Portée/Terrestre (SAMP/T) is a ground-based, road-mobile tactical ballistic missile defense system developed by Eurosam, which is co-owned by MBDA France and Italy and Thales Group. SAMP/T provides theater missile defense and can also protect important tactical sites, including airports and ports, from cruise missiles, manned and unmanned aircraft, and tactical ballistic missiles....