Qatar Unveils SY-400 in Military Parade

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On December 17, Qatar unveiled a new short-range ballistic missile system during its 2017 National Day parade, which appears to be a modified Chinese SY-400 system. The SY-400 is typically mounted on an 8×8 TEL, like that shown in the parade, and is capable of carrying both BP-12A and SY-400 missiles. The BP-12A can carry a 480 kg conventional payload over a 280 km range, while the SY-400 can carry a 200 kg conventional payload over a 200 km range. The SY-400 launcher can carry either two BP-12A canisters or eight SY-400 canisters. While both missiles have the range to reach land targets in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, neither give Qatar significant reach into Iranian territory. The missile featured in the parade appears to be the larger BP-12A.