Philippine Navy Test Fires Spike ER Missile at Sea

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On August 9, the Philippine Navy successfully struck a target at sea using a Spike Extended Range (ER) missile launched from a multi-purpose attack craft (MPAC) gunboat. The test took place off Lamao Point, Bataan, where the missile struck a floating target with high accuracy from 6 km under unfavorable sea conditions. Spike ER is the Philippine Navy’s first anti-surface missile system, complementing the mini Typhoon heavy machine guns mounted on three of the navy’s nine MPACs. Spike ER was delivered from Israel in late April 2018 and installed in early May. The Philippine Navy intends to use the missiles in littoral operations including counterterrorism, maritime law enforcement, and surface combat. Spike ER is a man-portable fire-and-forget guided missile with a range of 8 km originally designed for antitank and antipersonnel operations.