North Korea Announces New ICBM, Hwasong-15

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Following North Korea’s test of an intercontinental ballistic missile, the state-run KCTV news agency released a statement designating the missile as the Hwasong-15. Of note, the statement also claimed the missile is “tipped with [a] super-large heavy warhead” and can reach any portion of the continental United States. The statement elaborated:

“The development and advancement of the strategic weapon of the DPRK are to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country from the U.S. imperialists’ nuclear blackmail policy and nuclear threat, and to ensure the peaceful life of the people, and therefore, they would not pose any threat to any country and region as long as the interests of the DPRK are not infringed upon.”

This was North Korea’s third IBCM test, coming after tests of the Hwasong-14 on July 4 and on July 28.

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