Air Force Research Laboratory Seeks to Develop New “Gray Wolf” Missile

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On December 18, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) awarded Lockheed Martin a $110 million contract to develop and produce autonomous cruise missiles capable of defeating enemy air defenses. The contract is for the “design, development, manufacture, and testing of prototype-affordable cruise missiles to advance networked collaborative operations technologies for defeat of enemy integrated air defense systems.” The program is scheduled to be completed by 2022, although there is a possibility that the contract will be extended an additional two years. The cruise missile platform will test a variety of payloads for various roles, such as kinetic strikes, electronic attack, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. The goal is to determine if the missiles would be capable of “disabling various components of an integrated air defense system in a highly contested environment, including surface-to-air missile, radar, and communications sites.”