Israel to Equip F-35s with ‘Rampage’ ALBM

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On June 11, IMI Systems (formerly Israeli Military Industries) and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) issued a joint press release announcing that Israeli F-35 fighter jets will be fitted with the companies’ co-developed air-launched ballistic missile (ALBM), Rampage. The Rampage is a precision-guided, stand-off weapon designed to penetrate air defenses and overcome anti access and areal denial (A2AD) systems. The new weapon is reported to be an air-to-surface iteration of IMI and IAI’s surface-to-surface EXTRA missile with minor modifications to the missile body to accommodate the air-launch platform. IMI and IAI have not disclosed specifics of the weapon’s range or warhead size but stated that the Rampage is 4.7 meters long with a launch weight of 570 kilograms. The missile is believed to be ready for production, but no date has been announced for its deployment.

An animated video demonstrating the weapon is available here.

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