Iran Test Fires Missiles in War Game

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On January 22-23, Iran test fired several missiles as part of its ongoing war game, codenamed Muhammad Rasulullah-5. On January 22, Iranian forces claimed a successful test launch of their Labbayk-1 rocket. On January 23, Naval forces fired a Ghadir cruise missile for the first time, targeting a mock enemy vessel. Army forces successfully fired a coastal-defense Nasr antiship cruise missile (ASCM) from an onshore mobile launcher to destroy a target naval vessel. Air Defense forces also reportedly fired a Raad surface-to-air missile (SAM). Additionally, the war game tested Iranian radar and surveillance systems to detect ground and aerial incursions. According to Rear Admiral Lower Half Mahmoud Mousavi, the purpose of the war game is to strengthen coordination among the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Air Defense. These activities covered an area of 2.2 million square kilometers mostly along Iran’s southern coastline.