India Test Fires Dhanush Ballistic Missile

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On February 23, India’s Strategic Forces Command (SFC) test fired a Dhanush ballistic missile from an Indian Navy vessel in the Bay of Bengal. The missile was fired off an Indian Navy Sukyana-class offshore patrol vessel, either the INS Subhadra or INS Suvarna. The Dhanush launch comes amid a busy schedule of Indian ballistic missile testing, which has in recent weeks included tests of India’s Agni-5 intermediate-range ballistic missile, Agni-2 medium-range ballistic missile, and Prithvi-2 close-range ballistic missile. The Dhanush is a single stage, liquid-fueled ship-launched ballistic missile with a range of approximately 350 km while carrying a 500 kg payload. It can be fitted with a conventional or nuclear warhead.