India Fires 3 Sub-launched Ballistic Missiles

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The New Indian Express newspaper reported that India carried out three test launches of its B-05 submarine-launched ballistic missiles between August 11 and 12.  These test firings were reportedly successful and conducted from INS Arihant, India’s first nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine. An official speaking to The New Indian Express stated, “‘All three missiles were fired from the submarine, positioned nearly 20-meters deep in the sea, about 10-km off the Vizag coast.’”

Express reported that the B-05 is 10 meters long with a range of 750 km, weighing in at 10 tons. B-05 two-stage missile “uses solid propellant and can carry a payload of about 1000 kg.” The missile’s first successful test took place in November 2015. The B-05 is also sometimes called “Sagarika.”

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