India Agni-2 Missile Fails Test

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On May 4, India test-fired its medium-range, nuclear-capable Agni-2 missile. The rocket was launched from Abdul Kalam Island, located off the east Indian coast. Certain Indian defense officials stated that the test did not meet all the desired parameters, though others claimed success. The Defence Research and Development Organization did not offer official confirmation.

The Agni-2 is a two-stage, solid propellant ballistic missile with a range between 2,000-3,500km. The last Agni-2 test, conducted on November 9, 2014, was considered a success.

10/24/2018 Update: Grace Liu and the Arms Control Wonk team found and posted satellite confirmation of the failed missile test. The imagery suggests the Agni-2 was intentionally aborted while in early boost phase.

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