Houthi Missiles Target Najran, Jizan, and Saudi Military Camps

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On August 10, KSA air defenses intercepted two Houthi-launched short-range ballistic missiles, Saudi media reports. According to Houthi media, the militant group fired one Badr-1 SRBM targeting Saudi’s Jarba military camp, located in Dhahran, Asir province. Houthi fighters also claim to have launched “a batch of ballistic missiles” targeting Jizan later that day, although this has not been confirmed and such a salvo launch would suggest use of smaller artillery rockets.

On August 8, Saudi Patriot missile defenses intercepted a Houthi-launched Badr-1 SRBM targeting Jizan, Saudi media reports. Falling missile fragments killed one Yemeni resident and injured 11 other civilians. Houthi media defended the attack, saying the strike “comes in the process of response and deterrence, within the right of legitimate defense of the Yemeni people unjustly and aggressively attacked.” Houthi media also reported firing on Wednesday a Zelzal-1 SRBM on Arab Coalition forces in Yemen’s Al-Jawf province.

On August 6, KSA air defenses intercepted a Houthi-launched Badr-1 SRBM flying towards the southern Saudi city of Najran, Saudi media reports. The missile was fired from Amran province in Yemen, and, according to Houthi media sources, targeted a Saudi military camp in the Al-Wajeb area of Najran. Arab Coalition spokesman Col Turki Al-Maliki, however, said the missile deliberately targeted civilian areas in the city.

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