Houthi Militants Fire Missiles Targeting Jizan

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On June 9, a Houthi-fired missile killed three people in a residential area of the Saudi Arabian city of Jizan. Pro-Houthi news sources report the missile launched was a Badr-1 short-range ballistic missile (SRBM). Spokesman for the Arab Coalition Colonel Turki Al-Malki made a statement implying the coalition may escalate conflict with the Houthis in a retaliatory measure for the strike. The number of dead was originally reported as two but later was updated to reflect an additional fatality.

This attack was followed on June 10 by another Houthi missile launch, which was successfully intercepted by Saudi air defenses. Debris was reported to have fallen in a residential area of the city of Jizan with no reported casualties. The recent uptick in Houthi missile attacks against Saudi Arabia coincides with increased pressure by coalition-backed forces against the Houthi-held city of Hodeida, a vital port city along the western Yemeni coast.

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