S-500 Prometheus


The S-500 Prometheus is a mobile, surface-to-air missile system (SAM) currently under development by Russia.

S-500 at a Glance

Originated From: Russia
Possessed by: Russia
Class: Surface-to-Air (SAM)
Basing: Mobile, ground-based
Range: 500-600 km
Status: In Development

S-500 Development History

Shortly after deploying the first S-400s in 2007, Russia announced the development of a new air and missile defense system by Almaz-Antei, the same group that produced the S-300 and S-400. The system would reportedly be capable of defeating fifth-generation aircraft and low orbit satellites in addition to cruise and ballistic missile threats which could already be dealt with by existing S-300 and S-400 units.1

The system was originally slated to enter full production and deployment in 2016 or 2017, but as of March 2017, the system is still undergoing testing.2

According to reports, Russia currently plans to field ten battalions of the new system.3


The S-500 will likely use a variety of missiles in addition to the 77N6 missile series, currently under development for the S-400, as a hit-to-kill interceptor for ballistic missile targets.4 The system will apparently have four radar vehicles per battery, including one radar tailored to ballistic missile tracking.5

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