Azerbaijan Deploys LORA and Polonez Missile Systems

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On June 11, Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense released images of its newly procured Israeli LORA and Belorussian Polonez missiles deployed in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. The acquisition comes as part of a by Azerbaijan in the country’s continuing conflict with Armenia over the disputed Artsakh Republic. The new weapons are being touted as a counter capability response to an Armenian deployment of Russian Iskander missiles in 2016. On June 12, the Artsakh Defense Ministry reported observing Azerbaijani troops transporting the road-mobile LORA missile system along the conflict’s line of contact. The LORA (or Long-Range Artillery) missile is an Israeli-made short-range ballistic missile with ground- and sea-launch capable platforms and a range of about 300 kilometers. The Polonez is a mobile multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) with single and salvo launch capability and a range of 200 kilometers. Its solid propellant rockets can strike eight targets simultaneously with a circular probable error (CEP) of 30 meters.