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Getting on Track: Space and Airborne Sensors for Hypersonic Missile Defense

As the Department of Defense begins to deploy a space-based sensor constellation, Getting on Track unpacks the design tradeoffs involved and key pitfalls to avoid. Using advanced simulation tools, the authors underscore the necessity of diversifying satellite orbits, designing constellations for early, persistent coverage, and retaining requirements for fire-control-capable sensors.

Strategic Landpower Dialogue: A Conversation with General James Dickinson

On November 8, CSIS and AUSA hosted our third Strategic Landpower Dialogue event, featuring General James Dickinson, Commander of the United States Space Command. The discussion explored challenges in the space domain, the provision of space-enabled combat effects to joint warfighters, and General Dickinson’s vision for the relation of space and landpower in the joint force.  

Project Atom 2023

On September 29, 2023, the Project on Nuclear Issues published a report, Project Atom 2023: A Competitive Strategies Approach for U.S. Nuclear Posture through 2035. MDP Director Tom Karako and Rob Soofer contributed to one of the chapters, entitled, "Project Atom: Defining U.S. Nuclear Strategy, 2030-2050."