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Russia Tests Antiship Missiles in Sea of Japan

On July 18, the Russian Ministry of Defence released video footage of naval drills in the Sea of Japan. Two vessels of Russia’s Pacific Fleet—a missile boat and a destroyer—participated in the exercise. Each ship launched one or more SS-N-22 Sunburn (Moskit) antiship missiles, striking a floating target located 60 km from the warships. The...

Russia Test Fires P-270 Moskit Antiship Missile

On April 5, Russia’s Zvezda TV reported that two corvettes in the country’s Black Sea Fleet conducted a successful test launch of the P-270 Moskit (NATO: SS-N-22 “Sunburn”). The antiship missile hit a target approximately 55 km away. The P-270 Moskit (“Mosquito”) is a ramjet-equipped supersonic missile, with a combat range of 120 km while...