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Brimstone 3 Missile Successfully Test Fired

On March 20, defense manufacturer MBDA reported it conducted the first test launch of its Brimstone 3 missile. The test took place in February at the Vidsel Trials range in Sweden, with the missile targeting a pick-up truck target. According to Russell Jamieson, MBDA Chief Engineer, “The trial further proves Brimstone’s fully flexible platform approach,...

UK-MBDA Deal Enhances Brimstone Missile Capability, Flexibility

On March 27, the European defense firm MBDA announced it had secured a $568 million capability sustainment program with the United Kingdom government for its Brimstone 2 air-to-surface missile. The deal will have MBDA extend the service life of the country’s Brimstone missiles; enhance the current inventory with new software and other updates; and develop,...