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US Navy Commissions New Aegis Destroyer

On July 27, the U.S. Navy commissioned USS Paul Ignatius (DDG-117), an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, at Port Everglades, Florida. The Paul Ignatius is the 67th of its class and one of 21 currently planned for construction. Built in the Flight IIA configuration, the destroyer is equipped with an upgraded radar and Aegis combat system. Related...

US Navy Commissions Destroyer USS Daniel Inouye

On June 22, the U.S. Navy commissioned its newest Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, the USS Daniel Inouye (DDG-118). The Flight IIA Aegis ship honors the late Hawaiian senator and World War II veteran. Senator Inouye is the only senator to receive the Medal of Freedom and the Medal of Honor. The Inouye is the USN’s 68th...