The KN-01 is a North Korean antiship cruise missile. It is an extended-range variant of the Soviet Union’s P-15 Termit (also known as Styx and SS-N-1) as well as China’s CSS-C-2 Silkworm.

KN-01 at a Glance

Originated from: China (CSS-C-2 Silkworm), Soviet Union (P-15 Termit/Styx/SS-N-1)
Possessed by: North Korea
Class: Antiship Cruise Missile
Basing: Road-mobile, potentially sea- and air-launchable
Length: 7.36 m
Diameter: 760 mm
Launch weight: 3,000 kg
Payload: Single warhead, ~500 kg HE warhead
Warhead: HE
Propulsion: solid propellant boost motor, liquid propellant sustainer motor
Range: 110-160 km
Status: Operational


The KN-01 is estimated to be 7.36 m in length, 760 mm wide, capable of carrying approximately a 50 kg high-explosive (HE) warhead, with an approximate range of 160 kilometers.1  Other reports suggest its range could be lower, at around 110 kilometers.2  Some reports have alleged that North Korea has made modifications to the missile to further improve this range, with the missile potentially capable of traveling up to 300 km, although these reports remain unsubstantiated. 3

North Korea has tested the cruise missile repeatedly. Between its first flight test in February 1993 and June 2007, it is estimated that the KN-01 was tested 10-15 times.4 Several tests have taken place since, from both the air and ground. Most recently, North Korea launched three KN-01s in June 2015.5 The missiles flew for around 26 minutes, to a range of 100 kilometers.